Let her run free

I have an inner cowgirl in me.

A sun-kissed, salty skinned Earth goddess, barefoot, careless and free.

My heart is coloured with the shades of open plains, and the blue hues of the rolling sea.

But this isn’t about me.

This is about the woman who knows, or is yet to find out, that pinstripes aren’t a prison that can hold her.
This is about the mother, the lover, the student and teacher, the worker whose job doesn’t stop at 5.
This is about every woman who does what she can to get by, but inside, she’s running wild.

Beautiful and untethered.

Domestic…but domesticated? Never.

No matter age or circumstance or weight, she rocks an authenticity that never dates, because- being a natural woman never goes out of style.

And whether she knows it or not, one of the best complements to her wardrobe is her smile.


Running Wild.

Bringing to life that gypsy spirit that’s not just inside of me, but inside of us all.

Don’t be afraid to express her. Don’t hold her in captivity.

Let her run free.

Written by Leyla Rose in collaboration with Running Wild Boutiques creator Alyssa Adams